~*~Review Policy~*~

I only review books that fall under the new adult, young adult, or middle grade reading levels, though this blog is primarily young adult books. Anything with a bit of romance in it is a plus, especially a well executed love triangle.

All books, whether I like them or not, will be reviewed using my rating system, but this is just my opinion. By no means are my opinions anywhere near that of an expert, so if I dislike a book that does not mean everyone reading my review will automatically dislike it as well. In the world of novels and opinions regarding novels, we all agree that it's okay to disagree. We like what we like.

~*~Type of Novels I Am Accepting~*~

I will accept young adult:
*Romance Novels
*Paranormal Romance Novels
*Urban Fantasy
*Dystopian Novels
*Contemporary Literature
*Historical Fiction 

I will accept middle grade novels.

I will accepted new adult novels. 

I will accept LGBTQA fiction novels. 

I Will Not Accept:
*Self Published Novels

*Non-Fiction Novels
*Biographies and Autobiographies
*Adult Novels
*Children's Books
*Religious Novels
*Anything Horror-like or Gory--Can't handle those things that well

~*~Post Content~*~

All reviews will have several sections within them. The first section is general information found off of Amazon or Goodreads such as the title and author of the novel, the publisher, date published, series (if it has one), number of pages, the reading level, and the way I obtained the book (bought it, got it as a gift, advanced copy from a publisher, etc). All of this will be accompanied by a photo of the cover. 

Following the section above is the Summary Section that will be a summary of the book taken from Goodreads or Amazon.

The next section is entitled Lili's Reflections. Obviously, in this section I will review the book. I will review everything from the plot to the characters, how I felt, my disappointments and my likings of the book, and more. Anything that comes to mind without giving out spoilers will be put in this section. The final paragraph will be an overview as to why I came to the rating that I did.

Finally, many links will be found at the bottom of each review that will be helpful to anyone viewing the page that is interested in obtaining the book. All reviews will have the links that follow if they exist.

*The novel on Goodreads
*The novel on Amazon
*The novel on Book Depository
*The novel on Barnes and Noble
*The Author's Website or Blog

Reviews will also be posted on goodreads and Amazon and shared via twitter and facebook.

~*~Rating System~*~

The rating system is that of any other. It is a 1-5 star rating system, 5 being an amazing novel that is completely unforgettable and 1 being a novel that wasn't even worth spending my money on. Rates can be interpreted as follows.

1 - This was a huge waste of time and a waste of money.
2 - Eh, wasn't great, but it didn't suck entirely.
3 - Good read--not amazing, but not horrible, could be better.
4 - Great book! I liked it a lot.
5 - This book completely blew me away. I loved it.

Be aware that I do rate with half stars as well! I do post negative reviews. In all my negative reviews, I point out what I did enjoy and elaborate on what I did not enjoy. I will also make it clear that these are just my personal opinions, not the opinions of everyone and just because I did not enjoy a book doesn't mean that a reader will dislike it as well.

~*~For Authors and Publishers~*~

As of right now, this section is completely pointless, but I hope that someday it will be necessary. At least, that's my dream. Anyhow, my contact information is below, so if you would like me to review a book, that is how to contact me. If you do not get an e-mail back within 72 hours, please consider that I am respectfully declining your request, but I advise you to check in a few weeks later because my reading schedule may be cleared up by then.

I prefer to review ARCs because I can't read on my eReader at night, but I do accept eARCs as well. They'll simply be read a little slower.

It will take me a week at most to review a novel. Normally, I can read at least one novel a day. It will take me three days, at most, to read a novel if I am busy. By accepting your novel, there is no guarantee that I will post a review for it. Please be aware of this.

I will also love to help anyone with any giveaways or promotions for their novels!

Please know that I will not accept compensation for my reviews. All books I receive for review will get an honest review in return.

~*~Contact Information~*~

Any e-mails can be sent to my e-mail: reflectionsbylili@gmail.com

My twitter is @LiliReflects

These e-mails can be from other readers looking to want to talk or make suggestions or authors and publishers contacting me about reviewing their novels.

~*~Giveaway Policies~*~

I have the right to disqualify anyone as I see fit upon picking winners for my giveaways. I ask that you do not cheat and play by the rules. All entries and blogs will be checked and false entries will be deleted.

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